Wednesday, May 20, 2015

     What a busy week we are having. On Tuesday we started working on t-shirts, we made lei's, and we made blue jello. We talked about summer safety. Wearing life jackets, not running around pools, only swimming with adults and wearing sunscreen. 😊
    Tomorrow w will be eating our blue jello with "fish" in it. We will continue to play and have fun.
     Mrs. Luytjes will not be at preschool on Thursday. Mrs. Shonamon, Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Ransford will be there. There will be a funeral at church at 11:00. Plan on the teachers walking the children out to the door. You will be able to drive around the parking lot and pick up the children when the teachers see you.
    Pictures from the mini session are on smugmug. Enjoy!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

     We had fun yesterday at "the beach". We had to paint a huge lake! I hope you didn't find any blue or purple on hair or clothes.  We set up our food stand and grill. Some of the boys and girls went fishing and others played in the water. There was a tent for th helpers of th day to play in.
     Tomorrow we will be busy making fish to fill the lake.😊  the boys and girls will go fishing for their snack. You will have to ask them to see how they fished for. Their snack.  We are hoping the weather will cooperate and we will be able to go outdoors to play.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

     Picnic is postponed until Thursday. Same time and place.

Monday, May 4, 2015

       Tuesday, May 5 is the preschool end of the year picnic. We will meet at  Pottawattomie Park at 5:30. We will begin to eat at 6:00. Please bring your own table service (maybe a tablecloth too) .  A dish to pass. In the newsletter I had the 3 year old class bringing a main dish and the 4 year old class a salad, dessert or fruit dish. We will have juice to drink. If we need to  cancel I will post here and on Facebook.  We will reschedule for Thursday night if we need to.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

     We were very busy last week. We had pigs in the mud and our own homemade butter for snack. Our butter took a lot of shaking but was fun to spread on our crackers and bread. We talked about animals on the farm and what they give us. We added dairy products and meat to our farmers market.
      We added the numbers 7 and 8 to our number books.  We studied the letter y.
      This week we will finish the letters with z and finish our number books with 9 and 10 in the four year old class.  The 3 year olds will be finishing the farm unit with horses.

     This Wednesday is our Skoop's fundraiser!! 10% of all sales will go to St. John's. Mrs. Luytjes and Mrs. Shonamon will be at Skoop's in the afternoon and early evening. Stop in for lunch or dinner and have dessert too. If you can't make it purchase gift certificates from Mrs. Luytjes to support St. John's. We will be using our earnings to purchase a new stroller for infant care.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


St. John’s Lutheran Childcare in Grand Haven is looking for additional staff for their childcare rooms.
We are looking for someone able to work with adults and children.
This person must pass a background check, train in CPR & First Aid.
Applicant must enjoy working with young children, be organized and energetic.

Send resume to
St. John’s Lutheran School
Att. Debbie Luytjes
525 Taylor
Grand Haven, MI 49417

Sunday, April 19, 2015

     We were all glad to be back last week. We opened a farmers market for the boys and girls to purchase their food from the farmers. We had vegetables and eggs at the market. this week we will add fruits and meat.

     We had a great time with yellow. We painted, made chicks, found yellow things around the classroom and had a lemon yellow pudding for snack.
     This week we will study the letter y. We will learn about our earth and how to take good care of it.
We will continue our farm unit with pigs.
     Next week Wednesday is St. John's Day at Skoops Ice Cream. Please put this date on your calendar and plan on meeting us there for special treats and fun!
    The four year old class has a special note coming home tomorrow!! Please watch for it!
     There are new pictures on smugmug.